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Distance: 100 miles (160 km)

Trail: Dawson City to Fortymile and return, following the Yukon River with some bushtrails. Teams take a mandatory 8hr layover at Fortymile and return to Dawson the following day. A heated wall tent is available for mushers to sleep in, however, mushers must be self-sufficient in all other aspects of the layover. *Please note, mushers who reside in Eagle will have the opportunity to participate in the race by following the Percy trail from Eagle into Fortymile, and then continuing on to Dawson the following day. Straw is NOT provided at Fortymile. A sturdy mid or long distance sled is recommended - sprint sleds are unsuitable for this race.

Start: Time and location TBA

Registration Deadline: Mushers must register with payment by February 15, 2023.

RULES: Percy Junior

1. Mandatory Pre-Race Vet Check:

To be held the day before the race. Appointments will be assigned to each musher by race veterinarians.

2. Mandatory Mushers Meeting:

Refer to race details page for time and place. Door is locked at the beginning of the meeting. $50 fine for late arrivals, payable before the end of the meeting. It is strongly recommended that all handlers attend. *Mushers starting in Eagle must attend the meeting via Skype or telephone.

3. Race Start:

The Percy Jr race will be a mass start event. All teams will be timed from the time the start flag drops, regardless of the time they actually leave. Teams deemed by race officials to be unmanageable at the start may be penalized at the official&'s discretion. *Mushers starting from Eagle will leave from the Eagle checkpoint at 3:00pm Pacific time.

4. Handler:

Handlers are allowed to ride and/or assist in the start chute.

5. Number of Dogs:

6 dogs minimum, 9 dogs maximum. No loose leaders. No dogs may be added to a team after the start of the race. Dogs must be in musher's control at all times. No switching of dogs between mushers is permitted. All dogs must finish the race, either in the team or in the sled.

6. Treatment of Dogs:

There shall be no cruel or inhumane treatment of dogs. (As determined by the Race Officials.) No whips or jinglers permitted. All care and feeding of dogs will be done by the Musher only (except at Dog Drop). Only mushers may assist one another during the race. No outside assistance is allowed during the race, including checkpoints, unless an emergency is declared and judged so by the Race Marshall. Incidental help at checkpoints is permitted. Teams will be assessed by Race Vet and Race Official as necessary. Teams may not be allowed to proceed until cleared by Race Official. Any pre-existing dog health issues must be identified to the vets at the pre-race vet check. If an issue is not declared before the race and is then noticed during the race, they will be deemed to have occurred during the race.

7. Mandatory Gear for Percy Jr. Race:

  • RACE BIB must be worn at race start and finish and must be returned in good condition
  • sleeping bag
  • hand axe
  • one pair snowshoes and bindings
  • snow hook
  • light (ie headlamp)
  • stake line or equivalent to secure dogs during the camping at Fortymile
  • Proof of current Parvovirus and Distemper vaccinations and Rabies certificates for each dog running the race
  • race bib
  • promotional material
  • Sled bag big enough to properly secure and cover at least one dog and gear

Penalty: One hour per missing item will be added to Musher's total running time. Teams missing any of these items at start will not be allowed to leave until they are present.

8. Mandatory Supplies:

The following items must be in the Musher's possession at the start of the race and in Fortymile.

  1. Adequate amount of dog food per dog for the duration of the race (3 days worth is recommended)
  2. Eight booties for each dog (must have 4 for each dog when leaving Fortymile)

All dog food, gear and other supplies to be used must be carried in the sled from the start.

9. Clearing Trail and Passing:

Any musher setting up camp must clear the trail of their dogs and gear. Slower teams must yield to faster, overtaking teams and provide the overtaking team sufficient time to untangle if necessary before following. A Musher being passed is responsible for controlling their dogs to allow for a clean pass. The team being passed cannot pass the overtaking team for a minimum of 5 minutes.

10. Littering:

Absolutely no littering anywhere along the trail or at checkpoint.

11. Sportsmanship:

All Mushers must conduct themselves in a civil and sportsmanlike manner fro the duration of the event, from the Mushers' Meeting through to the end of the Awards Banquet.

12. No Man's Land:

No man's land shall be considered the land between the Moosehide Village (approx. the last 3 miles) and the finish line. Within this area, trail does not have to be given at the request of the overtaking Musher.

13. Finish:

An official finish shall be determined by the front of the sled crossing the finish line. Finish line is on Front Street across from the parking lot beside the Visitor Information Center. Gear will be checked and teams must be cleared by a race official before entering any vehicle.

14. Penalties:

Failure to adhere to all any rules will result in a penalty. Race officials will determine suitable penalties. Mushers may request a penalty review by the Race Marshal.

15. Appeal:

A further appeal can be made to the Appeal Committee. The decision of the Appeal Committee is final. Any appeal has to be made to the committee prior to the start of the banquet.

16. Censure:

The Committee may reject any entries submitted for any reason of past conduct.

17. Protest:

Any infraction of these rules observed may be protested verbally to the next officials on the trail. A written report will also be required within a specified time frame, as indicated by the race official.

18. Vehicles:

If Mushers have vehicles they must be in the finish line vicinity as indicated at the musher's meeting.

19: Vet Care: 

Any pre-existing dog health issues must be identified to the vets prior to the race start at the Pre-race Vet Check. If an issue is not declared before the race and is then noticed during the race, it will be deemed to have occurred during the race. Teams will be assessed by Race Vets and Race Officials as necessary. Teams may not be allowed to proceed until cleared by Race Officials.

Should any vet administered IV fluids or shots be deemed necessary and given at any time to a dog(s) during the race, the entire team will be disqualified.

Any bagged dogs due to vet inspection/instruction, must stay within the bag and cannot be run again.

20. Fortymile Checkpoint

Fortymile is a co-managed site between the Tr’ondek Hwech’in and the Yukon Government. As a sign of respect, consumption of alcohol and/or drugs will not be tolerated.

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